New distributor for Norel&Nature in Indonesia

PT. Sehat Cerah Indonesia has been appointed as sole distributor for Norel&Nature feed additives in Indonesia.

Based in Jakarta, PT. Sehat is the Animal Health Company of a group of companies operating in the poultry sector in Indonesia and Malaysia. The animal feed industry in Indonesia has a production capacity of more than 11 mln t per year.

The major livestock population in Indonesia is poultry, with an estimated 75 mln layers and about 1.2 bln broilers per year, and a large native chicken production. There are also 12 mln heads of cattle while swine population is less than 7 mln.

East Java is ahead of other regions for poultry, because a lot of corn is produced in this area. About 80% of compound feed is used in poultry.

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