Pheasant respiratory drug approved

Eco Animal Health Group said its Aivlosin granules for oral solution for medicated drinking water for pheasants has secured approval from the European Medicines Evaluation Agency, which will allow it to be marketed throughout the continent.

Aivlosin will be used in pheasants for the treatment of respiratory disease caused by Mycoplasma gallisepticum, one of the most economically important diseases of farmed pheasants.

EAH said there was an “unmet demand” for this kind of product in the market, with Aivlosin being the first authorised product for the treatment of this condition.

The product will be marketed directly to specialist poultry veterinarians in the UK, which, along with France, accounts for the majority of intensively reared pheasants in the EU with 30 mln birds reared in these 2 countries annually.

Aivlosin is EAH’s flagship product, targeting a wide range of diseases spanning from enzootic pneumonia to swine dysentery and accounting for more than half of its sales.

The drug has also been approved for use pigs and poultry in Europe, South Africa, Japan, Asia and South America with EAH expecting it to receive approvals for use in pigs in the US.

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