Pfizer Poultry Health holds meetings in Asia

Pfizer Animal Health reports that the avian immune system and infectious bursal disease (IBD) were top of the agenda at 2 recent seminars held in Indonesia and Thailand.

Around 150 veterinarians, production managers, distributors, academics and animal health industry personnel participated in each of the meetings, organized by Pfizer Poultry Health and the Pfizer Animal Health affiliate. The key industry decision makers in each country viewed presentations by respected avian researchers.

Professor Jagdev Sharma from the Biodesign Institute of Arizona State University is known worldwide for his work in avian immunology. Being a keynote speaker, he spoke about how a good understanding of the avian immune system is an important factor in optimising bird performance and commercial success.

Dr Alan Avakian, who has conducted extensive research for Pfizer Poultry Health, spoke about the development and global field use of Bursaplex®, a unique approach to infectious bursal disease control. Delivered either in ovo or at day of hatch, Bursaplex has a mode of action that helps provide lifelong infectious bursal disease protection to broilers in a single dose.

According to David Kelly, Director of global biological and pharmaceutical marketing for Pfizer Poultry Health, the meetings provided a valuable opportunity to bring together a diverse group of customers, industry experts and leading researchers to discuss issues that are important to their day-to-day operations.

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