US army help restart Iraqi poultry plant

US Soldiers lent their agriculture and engineering expertise to help bring a chicken processing plant into operation near Mahmudiyah, Baghdad, Iraq. This plant will provide food and jobs.

Getting the plant up and running will not only create a market for fresh chicken in the area, but will also give farmers a place to sell their chickens.

“This will be the only factory in the area with fresh frozen chicken,” said Capt. Bobby Lumsden, the battalion’s operations officer, a native of Fuquay-Varina, N.C. “Iraqis want very fresh chicken, but their choices right now are canned chicken or chicken that is imported.”

The plant has the capacity to process 10,000 chickens a month and can employ up to 150 workers. Lumsden said the plant could boost the local economy and attract other investors to the area.

“It will open up this area for more agribusiness and, as we have studied, agribusiness brings more industry and factories,” said Lumsden. “It will be the first step in the process to bring economic improvement to this whole area.”

Source: America's North Shore Journal

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