Mega chicken-raising project starts up in Henan

Shuanghui Group and Nippon Ham recently launched China's biggest chicken-raising project in Luohe City, Henan Province, comprising of 40 smaller projects, and with an estimated cost of US$252.2 million.

After the first phase is complete, it will be able to produce 300,000 tonnes of feed, 50 million chickens and 120,000 tonnes of chicken meat products every year. The project is expected to start operation in 2010.
Shuanghui is a leading meat-processing company in China, and Nippon Ham is a multinational food-processing conglomerate headquartered in Japan.
Once finalised the projects cover a broiler breeding operations, hatcheries, feed processing, chicken slaughter, meat processing, logistics and transport, organic fertilizer production and many other links to form large industrial chain of chicken sales.

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