Alternatives to antibiotics?

Antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) have had significant beneficial effects in improving commercial poultry health and performance since 50 years ago. Their removal from the poultry diets is therefore brings with it consequences, although some of you may not agree on. One of the main concerns in this regard is intestinal health and its related issues.

A great deal of effort and money has been devoted to search for economically feasible alternative(s) to antibiotics within the past 15-20 years. However, we should have realised by now that alternatives to AGPs are not a magic bullet and improvements in management practices, including implementation of solid bio-security measures, are also of critical importance. In other words, a synergistic approach is needed.

What I’d really like to hear from readers of this blog is their opinions about the success of commercially-available alternatives in improving poultry health and productivity in their regions.

How successful they have been so far?

Please share your experiences.

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    Robert Gauthier

    Not easy to replace products that have been on the market for >50 years. However, we have developed products capable of doing the job with a success rate at or near 100%. Yes also for an integrated approach: the main points being the control of coccidiosis, modification of feed formulation approach, increased biosecurity and hygiene, a proven product with (also) a synergistic effect on the microflora of the birds. When removing AGPs, all the small management mistakes will show up at one time or another, so these mistakes have to be corrected.

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    Roger Glaude

    It's funny we hear about all this hype about reducing antibiotics but I’m not sure how open companies are to trying new methods. My company specializes in reducing or eliminating antibiotics completely. We are completely open to share our experience and technology, however, it seems very difficult to persuade anyone to take that first step to even try our program. Our program consists of organic and inorganic acidification and an essential oil combination (liquid and or powder). We offer discounted and even free trials depending on the situation.
    Roger Glaude
    O-Natural Inc.

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    David Bollé

    Good Morning,

    We help to produce antibiotics-free birds since 5 years, with very good results. It’s true that the solution is not a magic bullet! Poultry is an animal with a very short cycle of live and we need to work on a lot of miscellaneous factors.
    Synergy should be done between liver, kidneys, intestinal tracts, pH values of bird digestive tracts and pathogenic control. When you are able to balance all factors and using a natural immunitary promoter for a good status immuno stimulant v/s performance. You will increase natural immunity of the bird. Synergy of health factors will give you a healthy bird and more productive bird. Animals are not different to human, if you are not in good health, you will be less productive. We don’t need to use steroid or AGP for make performance, just simply control your internal health, with a synergy of natural solution.

    A good management (light pattern, clean water line, good control of temperature, ...) and bio-security need to be updated and adapt in function of your breeding condition. This is also a key to success in antibiotics-free production.

    Make antibiotics-free production is NOT impossible! We just need to adapt our way of work and think different!

    A person with half volition goes backwards and forwards, but makes no progress on even the smoothest road. Thomas Carlyle (1795 – 1881)

    I you want to learn more about how we working, contact me at info@eurobec.ca

    Have a nice and healthy day,

    David Bollé. Synergie Eurobec Inc.

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    Antibiotic have done great benefits for the survival of Poultry Industry but because of its bad effect on human beings we have to look for an alternative viable and economic benefit, solution. it is quite possible with organic acid (Sodium Butyrate) which have target release in the small intestine and beyond erespective of high Ph, which is soluble in water and fat. It gives good growth to natural Lacttobacilus and Bifidia bacteria in the GIT. It has two way effect of increasing intestinal microflora and removing both Gram -ive and Gram +ive bacteria which will ultimately give good immune system to the Birds. Inve Nutri-Ad has best technology and positive results are seen with cost benefits over the inclusion cost in Breeders and Commercial Broilers and Layers.

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    sandi galih purnama

    Antibiotics are very important for limit spread bacteria, and antibiotic use usually for curative and help peformance. Its dilemma for us as human that AGP influence our health. I have idea, first how if we improve immunity poultry without antibiotic? (such as give vitamin, or mineral in feed? Second, we have to change our habbit about health management and take care for preventive not curative. So i think poultry peformance will be better without antibiotic. Thanks

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    Harm Vogels

    No doubt that AGPs proved to be beneficial in commercial poultry production, however, there are good alternatives available, which are even easier to apply.
    We have years of experience with liquid feed supplements (even before the bann on antibiotics in animal feed), which support the high production numbers from nowadays.
    Whether you need to lower the pH-value with some 'basic' organic acids or you need to tackle problems with coccidiosis, immunity, wet litter or need to improve gut health, we have a depth of experience in these fields.

    Contact h.vogels@kanters.nl

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    Cheluva Narayana

    The best alternative which is natural, self limiting, environmental friendly,harmless to humans and effective is the use of a cocktail of Bacteriophages. I know of a company which has developed bacteriophage cocktails for poultry health. The company is located in Bangalore, India. See its webpage: <>

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    AGP is a myth and growers simply follow this out of fear or forcible suggestions from the hatcherers. I have not been using any antibiotic or AGP for the past year. The meat is so tasty and commands respect in the local market. To start with it may be a fear, once it is set the broiler farming is so easy. My farm is free from E.Coli and other nuisances. I dont use any water sanitiser or cocci or anything of any sort. Natural substitutes simple methods would yield lot of results. Come out. Do not follow advice of anybody you try and enjoy your success. Say good bye to antibiotics.

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    Dr Amenya Hesbon Z

    It is true that alternatives to AGPs are not the magic wand towards improved production but I think biosafety could be a point of major consideration, also the use of bacteriophages is a feasible but highly contentious issue.

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