Hubbard: Technical seminar in Yemen

In December 2008, Hubbard organised 2 successful technical seminars for Yemeni poultry producers entitled "Better production to gain more".

Both seminars were officially opened by Dr Ghaleb Al-Eriani, General Manager of Animal Resources, Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation.

Many important issues were addressed, including an “overview on the global poultry market” by Jean-Francois Hamon and “key points in Hubbard Broiler Management” by Claude Toudic, both from France. “Al-Jazeera and the Hubbard Classic” by Abdul-Hafez Al-Geiesi of the Hubbard distributor “Al-Jazeera” from Jordan and “critical points in Broiler Breeder management” by Dr Naeem Tareeq from Pakistan.

The first seminar was held in Sana’a and the second one in Tais. More than 70 people attended each seminar including the managers of the main poultry companies, breeder and broiler farms managers, farmers and poultry retailers. They all rated the seminars very highly, because of the valuable information and data presented, which will support them to further develop their chicken business.

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