Kampong Chicken (Part 2)

In Part 1, I explained a little bit about what Kampong Chicken is and its characteristics, as well as discussed how far giant poultry companies could participate in Kampong chicken's business. In part 2, I'd like to share my ideas about the participation of giant poultry companies in Kampong chicken's business related to Corporate Social Responsibilities.

There are 2 major problems of Kampong chicken farming and its business:

1. Breeding

Medium- and small-scale/traditional farmers are still finding it hard to get hi-quality DOCs and an adequate number of DOCs to be farmed. Although there are some farmers who have breeding farm for Kampong chickens, it’s still not enough to supply the need of Kampong chicken’s DOCs.

So, from my point of view, giant poultry companies can get involved, because generally giant poultry companies have modern technologies, facilities and well-educated human resources so that they can help medium- and small-scale/traditional farmers in improving the quality of DOCs, as well as production performance, such as periodically conducting seminars/workshops about good breeding practices of Kampong chicken. They can also play a role in spreading their technical service officers to teach the farmers directly in the farms.

2. Distribution and marketing of Kampong chicken’s products (live bird, carcass and egg)

The main problem in this section is a lot of brokers in the market chain of Kampong chicken’s business. That’s why I think giant poultry companies can help the farmers in this section because they have great marketing management. They can absorb the products of Kampong chicken in huge quantity. This way, they cut the long market chain that is controlled by brokers so that the farmers can receive better margin (profit) of the product’s price. Besides that, they also should conduct seminars/workshops about marketing, distribution and hygienic aspects of chicken products and processing.

Okay, that’s my ideas. What are your ideas?

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