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Malta: Poultry production rises 4.5%

The number of chickens slaughtered for their meat has dropped by 0.5% in Malta in 2008, according to latest statistics.

The overall weight of chickens rose by 5%, and as a result, poultry production rose by 4.5%.


The number of cows slaughtered for meat rose by 16.7% in 2008. The overall weight of cows fell 4.4%. As a result, beef production rose by 11.5%.


Pigs slaughtered increased by 3.1%. The overall weight of pigs fell 5.3%. As a result, pork production fell by 2.3%.

Altogether, the overall value of beef, pork and poultry together rose by 11.2% to €7.1 mln.

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    Karl Scerri

    I am very satisfied that you interested yourself in Malta. I am a farmer and the rise of 4.5% was due to better genetics in broilers and better management at the farm. Thank a lot.

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