Mycotoxins...what's next?

"Mycotoxins 2009" was the title of a one-day scientific meeting held on 10 March 2009 in Thailand. Different aspects of mycotoxins in feed and food were discussed by a group of speakers from academic centres and the industry.

Mycotoxins continue to cause significant economic losses in animal production industries all around the world.  It is impossible to accurately determine the economic costs associated with mycotoxins.

Multiple mycotoxins can be present in grains infected by fungi. This situation may occur especially in animal feeds compounded from ingredients produced in different geographic regions. Multiple mycotoxin contamination is of great concern to the poultry industry because mycotoxins can have additive or synergistic effects on poultry.

Some preventive strategies can reduce mycotoxin formation, but this becomes much more difficult when predisposing factors have a strong presence. Another issue is that we still have problems with the way that we take samples (ingredients and feeds) for laboratory analysis. We really do not know if submitted sample represents the whole batch. We also can not be very sure if mycotoxin concentrations in analysed samples are a proper reflection of the entire batch. We hear more often about “masked” mycotoxins these days. The mycotoxins can escape routine detection methods but can reach the intestinal tract of the animals.

What is next with mycotoxins as this was a question of “Mycotoxins 2009” meeting as well?

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Mycotoxins 2009


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    Mycotoxins are the slow poison for the birds and also to the profits of farmers. Farmers are still not serious about possible presence of toxins (Multi & Masked) and still think it is seasonal.
    As a rule of thumb farmers should use toxin binder which is proven over the years as a part of their feed formulation.
    There are so many issues related to the poultry and one should use feed supplements of credintials and one by one secure the area of concerns with using appropritate feed supplements related to that issue.

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    Waseem Alshible

    It is important to remember that mycotoxins the substantial cause of diseases in poultry because of the immunity suppression and deterioration of medulla and the esseintial treatment is stoped the contaminated feed.
    Thank you.

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    Emmy Koeleman

    Masked mycotoxins are a new threat to the industry. These masked mycotoxins are mycotoxins linked to another molecule (glucose for example) and cannot be detected by current mycotoxin analysis. They are, however, released in the animal's body and can have many negative effects on animal health and fertility... New analysis techniques in combination with better understanding of how these masked mycotoxins behave should be the focus for combating mycotoxins in the future.

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