New biogas information pack

Due to the increasing interest in on-farm biogas production, EnviTec Biogas UK Ltd has produced a new information pack as a first step for farmers wishing to investigate this process further.

It contains a general description of the principles of anaerobic digestion process and its benefits to the environment. 

A comprehensive booklet provides detailed information on the contribution biogas production can make towards renewable energy production together with 4 examples of on-farm plants, ranging from family farms to large-scale energy suppliers.

Additionally, facts are presented on EnviTec’s parent company EnviTec Biogas AG, which recently completed the largest biogas production plant in the world, capable of producing 20 megawatts. A useful glossary of terms is included.

Technical facts, a schematic setup for a biogas facility, and details of the services provided by EnviTec are also provided.

For more information, e-mail john.day@armbuildings.co.uk.

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