21st Brazilian Poultry Congress soon

From 26-28 May, the 21st Brazilian Poultry Congress will take place at the FIERGS Exhibition and Convention Centre in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

The Brazilian Poultry Association (UBA), the Brazilian Chicken Producers and Exporters Association (ABEF), the APINCO Foundation for Poultry Science & Technology (FACTA) and the Federation of Industries for the State of Rio Grande do Sul (FIERGS) will join forces at the event towards the common goal of Brazilian poultry farming excellence.

A historic show

For the first time in the history of Brazilian poultry farming, the FACTA Conference, a well-established Brazilian technical-scientific event, will be held together with the Brazilian Poultry Congress, generally held in Brasília-DF and organized by UBA and ABEF. In keeping with the tradition, the oral presentations of papers competing for the Lamas Award will hold an important place on the calendar, with an entire day reserved for the presentation of research.

Dissemination of knowledge, new developments in production and worldwide trends in the consumption and sales of chicken meat and its products will all be discussed in one place. The Congress will bring together the entire Brazilian Poultry Industry at a single trade fair with both business and technical-scientific related events. This event will also be celebrating the first gathering of all the most important organizations of the Brazilian poultry industry: UBA, ABEF and FACTA.

Important for the poultry industry

ABEF president Francisco Turra points out the event’s importance for the industry: “This is a truly historic event for the industry, which will serve to unite the entire chain, from production to exportation. It will draw together the country’s most representative poultry farming organisations. Of course, this is all in keeping with Brazil's rank as the world’s 3rd largest poultry producer – and closing in fast on the 2nd position –  and as the main exporter worldwide.”

Ariel Mendes, president of the UBA and a member of FACTA, points out that the conference is taking back its previous format, when it was held together with a trade fair and was a travelling event, serving as a tool for regional integration of Brazilian poultry farming. “Therefore, we are counting on the hard work and effort of all the segments in the poultry chain so that the conference can once again become Brazilian poultry farming’s most important event. By doing this, we will be investing in Brazilian poultry associativism.”

Funding the poultry industry

A part of the funds raised by the conference and trade fair will be destined to a fund in support of poultry farming, which will be managed by the UBA, ABEF and FACTA. “The purpose of this fund will be to finance sanitary defence and advertising initiatives. That is, poultry farming money will be reinvested into poultry farming itself,” said Mendes.

Concurrent events

During the 21st Brazilian Poultry Congress, an intense schedule of concurrent events foresees: the delivery of the 2009 Lamas Award – the José Maria Lamas da Silva Poultry Research Award; the presentation ceremony for the FACTA Award and UBA Tributes; political-business speeches organised by the UBA and the ABEF; a Sales Exhibition and the FACTA Conference.

Commercial Exhibition

Carried out in one of Brazil’s best trade fair pavilions, the 21st Brazilian Poultry Congress´ Commercial Exhibition has everything it needs to become the largest Brazilian poultry trade fair and one of the largest events in poultry farming worldwide.

The organizers are expecting to welcome national and international exhibitors from all areas of the poultry industry – nutrition, sanitation, genetics, equipment, laboratories, – as well as visitors connected to the industry, such as business owners, producers, veterinarians, technicians, researchers, leaders of organizations and trade associations and people from all professions related to poultry farming.

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