Campaign - eat more chicken and eggs

Poultry products, including chicken and egg products, contain high and good nutrition value and are an excellent source of nutrients essencial for human health. Additionally, chicken and egg products are cheaper than beef and pork, meaning that ever level of society can enjoy the benefits that poultry products offer.

It comes as a surprise, then, that the reality in Indonesia, as well as in some other developing countries in Southeast Asia, is that the consumption rate of chicken and eggs is low: 4.5 kg of chicken/capita/year and 67 eggs/capita/year.

I believe that a campaign aimed at educating society about poutry's benefits is urgently needed to increase the populrity of these roducts thereby increasing consumption, as well as the further development of the industry, particu;arlt in developing regions.

- What kind of strategy is required to run such a campaign?

- How can the giant poultry companies get involved in such a campaign?


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    YC Loo

    The low per capita consumption of chicken & egg in Indonesia, in my opinion, may not be so much the issue of educating consumers about the excellent source of nutrients in these products. It is more of an issue of affordability. Among the countries in South East Asia, Singapore, Brunei & Malaysia have a higher consumption of chicken and eggs followed by Thailand & Philippines. This trend is in accordance with the per capita income level of these countries.
    On the other hand, government policies that help to lower feed raw materials and production cost will make the chicken and eggs more affordable by the lower income group.

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    First, I apologize for my terrible English.
    I think that it depends on the country culture. For instance, the Brazilian chicken consumption is 26 kg/capita/year. Why? I think is due that the breeding chicken is a traditional practice in Brazil, even more if we consider the low price of this meat. And, likelihood, due this, Brazil is the most important chicken export of the world. In other hand, pig consumption is almost 13 kg/capita/year, because the population belief is that pig meat is dangerous and harmful to the human health, with high index of cholesterol, fat and calories. And, this lead to the bigger problem to the pig breeders nowadays: EU does not accept meat from Brazil, because it is not totally safe, because breeders use ractopamine, a growth promoter in the feed. I mean, the first step for a product be accepted for be exported is insure that the product was widely accepted by the local population, because in this way, the local industry can adapt itself to the quality and demand.
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