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Video: Special layer aviary system

Tonny Zents in Ruurlo, the Netherlands uses a special free range layer system: the aviary system. He has 80,000 layers on three different locations. We visited one of these locations in Ruurlo.



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    Amit F.

    I think aviary system is the best option to cage system. As its cost would be lower than cage system..but what is the highest production % in this system..?

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    A/Prof Paul Iji

    How can I get a copy of this video? I would like it for teaching purposes. There are currently no aviary systems in Australia but we do teach the students the alternative systems.

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    I personally see big disadvantages with this system for intensive use.
    The first one and more important is production, which must be lower than in a cage system. If you take into account the amount of eggs not laid in the nest and/or dirty eggs, the production decreases considerably.
    This system is obviously directed to countries where the consumer is determined to pay more to support alternative production (E.g. Northern Europe). Unfortunately, this is not the case in the rest of the world, and the consumer will not afford the increase in price therefore.

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    Tonny Zents and his family

    With friendly greetings, Tonny Zents and his family. And don`t forget: "An egg a day is okay!"

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    Jenny Maybury

    There is little difference between battery and 'free range' layer systems. It is still filthy ('the litter is changed between flocks...') and thus, disease-prone system which will do nothing to prevent the risk of avian flu. Furthermore, if farmers really cared about the welfare of their flocks, they would invest in outdoor free-range systems. It is as simple as that.

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    Tonny, this is not the future! 15 - 25% of mortality! Is that a friendly keeping system for layers?
    And do you want to work in your layerhouse every year from 6 in the morning until 7 in the evening till you are 65!? With a dustmask to protect your lungs?
    Friends make yourself strong for the Koloniehuisvesting (enriched-cage); that is the only bird, environmental and animal kind system! Think it over!

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    Ivo Wetemans

    Tonny en Mariëlle proof that with a good management, it is possible to keep big amounts of birds in a barn (aviary) system. We at Interbroed rearing farms are proud to deliver pullets to customers like Zents.

    Tonny en Marielle: Keep up the good work !!

    Team Interbroed

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    Tonny Zents

    Production on top 97.8%
    3% mortality at 76 weeks
    47 weeks above 90%
    Yes, there are disadvantages, the aviary system on the video called Farmer Combimatic In this system we have 5% eggs on the floor. Also much more dirty eggs (15%) as in the other systems we have, so much more labour costs in the Combimatic.
    We protect our lungs with dustmasks, also in cage systems we did.
    Tonny Zents
    (dont forget chikie people are happy people!)

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    The best system is vegan. Don't buy eggs, don't buy animals, don't by chicken flesh.

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