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Alternative feed ingredients

It is known that feed costs play a major role in the total production cost in commercial poultry farms. The feed market has become a lot more volatile over the past few years and prices have been rising.

Additionally, there is also strong competition between food (i.e. human sector) and feed industries for using available resources. This situation has increased production cost and added pressure on poultry producers.

Although a combination of corn and soybean meal is usually considered as gold standard (from a nutritional standpoint), wheat and barley are also being used in poultry rations in different parts of the world, including Europe, Canada and Australia. There is currently a tendency in the poultry industry to move toward the use of alternative feed ingredients in the hope that this approach may help to reduce production costs.

Two major determinants when it comes to the use of alternative feed ingredients in poultry rations are cost, and availability. Another important issue in this regard is the lack of well-established information on the nutrient value of these ingredients, which may make diet formulation difficult.

What do you think? Please share your experiences here.

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    Wseem AL-shible

    The esseintiall materials use in the poultry nuitrition is corn and soy it importanat materials espicially after precluded the animals sourse feed additive (fish meal bone meal..etc) In my country some nutrition companies added DDGS which make disasters in the flocks so we must choose the alternative feeds carfully.

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    India is a place where poultry farmers sort to all sort of grains for use in poultry feed ration. There range from Rice brokens, Pearl millets, Guar meal, Rape seed meal, Copra meal, Ragi etc., as the authour rightly mentions, the usage of alternative feed stuffs is limited by availability of these ingredients around the year.

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    Dr.Esam Nasr Eldeen Mostafa

    In my point of view that corn and Soya been is the best for the feed production. Thus the best solution is to increase the Soya been and corn agriculture by planting them in east of Africa (Sudan and Somalia).

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    Hayat Shah

    While using alternative feed ingredient attention should be given to the amino acid profile.That will determine the cost of the feed.

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    Nabil Ali

    we try to add probiotic to the poultry food in plymouth university to reduce salmonella in poultry so decrease the prevelance to humans and that mean reduce Zoonotic diseases

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    DDGs is a well-known alternative feed ingredients in poultry and livestock that can be added into the diet of poultry with some considerations. With reliance on such by products, not only same performance is expected even we will be benefiting from cleaner environment through obtaining bio-fuels from main grains.

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    seyed mozafar

    We have to find easily available feed resources as conventional and nonconventional one. Only researchers can help and find new resources with good nutritional value that may not cause any sort of harm to innocent birda which try to grow faster to feed human. I,m working on nonconventional feed stuffs and natural feed additives which were realy usefull to the farmers. Olive pulp, rapeseed meal, oil factory ,propolis and probiotics. We should work hard to minimise the conflict between man and domesticated animal. Many Thanks to Great man of Iran Dr. Mojtaba

  • dr kk ameer

    addition of alernative feed stuff are more vital to reduce the cost,we have to depend on available alternative raw materials with addition of required amino acid to maintain the amino acid profile as because always the price of the end product egg/meat is always constant so only option is left to work on the feed to reduce the production cost along with the management factors.

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