France: Grape extract antioxidant launched

Olfaction and nutrition specialist Phodé broadens its animal nutrition offer with Win'Ox®, a powerful antioxidant rich in polyphenols based on grape extracts.

Win’Ox® is manufactured in France by Grap’Sud, one of the world’s leading producers of grape extracts. This natural antioxidant is designed for technological applications (preservation of feed and premixes), as well as nutritional applications. Antioxidant supplementation is particularly recommended by the company during periods of oxidative stress, including reproduction, feed transitions, heat stress, hatching, etc.

Grape is particularly rich in polyphenols, known for their high antioxidant power and capacity to scavenge free-radicals. Win’Ox® is a grape extract containing at least 50% total polyphenols (minimum guaranteed, gallic acid equivalent- FOLIN method). Moreover, Win’Ox® polyphenols contain high level of procyanidins, described as the most potent anti-radical compounds among grape polyphenols (quantification by the vanillin method).

According to the company, this product, assessed using the ORAC method (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), is superior to that of many other natural sources of antioxidants: from 2.5 (minimum guaranteed) to 3.5 fold the antioxidant power of Vitamin E. The ORAC method used to measure a compound antioxidant potential is a method officially recognised by the USDA.

The bioavailability of grape polyphenols has been proven in several scientific studies. In monogastrics, trials in chicken broilers have also shown the bioavailability of grape polyphenols. They appear to be distributed, retained and remain functional in the muscles (Brenes et al, 2008). Several studies have also shown the potential of grape polyphenols to improve the oxidative stability of meat products, a significant challenge for the meat industry.

Win’Ox® represents a natural alternative to synthetic antioxidants and ideally complements Vitamin E to preserve the reproductive, growth and immunity functions of farmed animals and to enhance the stability of animal products, says the company.

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