News update:Sep 17, 2009

Jordan: Huge festival, 3 agri exhibitions

The Sawsana festival combines the International Exhibition for Veterinary, Poultry, and feed (Vetrana 2010), The Fifth International Agricultural Exhibition (Sawsana 2010) and the International Food Exhibition "Iris 2010". The festival is held in Amman in April 2010.

King Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein of Jordan announced 2009 the year of agriculture support. This event provides an opportunity for investment in each sector of agriculture, food, veterinary.  Participating companies display a series of innovative products and services associated with this sector, in order to strengthen their operations in the Middle East market which has seen rapid developments in this sector over the past few years.

Vetrana 2010 specialises in the promotion of the rapidly growing regional poultry sector. It presents the various types of equipments and feed, incubators and technology industry, vaccines, and all other equipments  related to poultry and livestock.

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