Partnership supplies in ovo injection equipment

ECAT, specialist in hatchery automation for poultry production, and CEVA Santé Animale, announce the creation, as a partnership, of a company dedicated to supply In Ovo Injection equipment, called “ECAT In Ovo”.

“ECAT In Ovo” will produce, commercialise and service the In Ovo equipment “EGINJECT” produced by ECAT.

This partnership will guarantee hatcheries and biological producers the availability and independent access to quality In Ovo injection equipment, says the company. The machinery will be available either for sale or lease and are systematically linked to a specialised after-sales service contract. The combination of know how created in ECAT In Ovo will be a guarantee of quality.

Eginject, In Ovo injection equipment, is a high precision tool that allows quality vaccination, as well as significant saving on vaccines, as compared to other available alternatives in the market. Many renowned producers already use this equipment in Europe and Asia, says the company.

The range includes an In Ovo injection machine, a candling and removal machine for clear eggs in order to save vaccine and a machine for egg transfer from incubation tray to hatching baskets. The Eginject line is available in automatic and semi-automatic systems.

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