Enterococcus cecorum most found in broilers

The Animal Health Service in the Netherlands investigated Enterococcus problems in broilers and found that most problems are caused by Enterococcus cecorum.

The researchers looked at 5 groups of birds (with a high mortality rate and lameness). At section, the researchers saw the heads of the hip joint broken off and pericardium infections. Also the broiler breeders and their unhatched eggs were investigated. It was concluded that most Enterococci that were found at section were E. cecorum. These data confirm earlier scientific studies regarding the incidence of E. cecorum in broilers.

Follow up studies

Further studies are planned to look into the incidence of E. cecorum in broiler breeders and their unhatched eggs. Further research is also planned to use DNA finger printing techniques to find out if the bacteria found are genetically similar in the different stages were they are found. Infection trials in broilers are planned to find out how the infection occurs. Also more attention will be paid to diagnistic techniques to identify different types of Enterococci.

Natalie Berkhout

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