News update:Jan 12, 2010

Russia increased poultry production

The Russian meat industry has been able to survive and even increased its production volumes amid the global recession, said Russia's Vice-Premier Viktor Zubkov recently. According to Mr Zubkov, poultry production in 2009 increased by 318,000 tonnes, while red meat by 550,000 tonnes.

Huge financial support provided by the national government is one of the main reasons for such success. Catherine Shchetinina, an official representative of Miratorg - one of Russia’s largest meat producers - said that the growth in production was mainly attributed to the governmental support and a strong US dollar. She also added that the restriction of meat imports to the country and subsidising of loans has already attracted investors to the Russian meat industry.

Most of the provided funds have already been invested in the further development of the pork and poultry industries which have a short production cycle (40 days and half a year respectively). However, the situation in the Russian cattle industry still leaves much to be desired, despite the monumental efforts of the local government.

Some of local meat processors still prefer to use cheap meat imports instead of low-quality domestic meat due to high production costs.

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