Ovotrack introduces automatic batch change with ECI at VIV Europe!

One of the innovative new solutions will be presented at the VIV Europe Ovotrack ECI, which is a solution for automatic batch change on the loaders of egg grading and breaking machines

With the introduction of the Eggs Cargo Concept, (plastic trays and pallets) automatic loading of grading and breaking machines with depalletizing systems is getting very popular. However automatic loading with no operator is available for activating a batch change when a new batch of eggs is graded or processed. This problem is solved with the Eggs Cargo Identifier (ECI).

The Ovotrack ECI can be used stand-alone or integrated with other parts of Ovotrack software to get full traceability, stock control or integrated labeling of eggs.

For more questions visit www.ovotrack.nl or call at Ovotrack BV + 31-343 - 453.416

Editor WorldPoultry

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