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Flockman wins Web Site award

Flockman in the UK has won a prestigious Award for Excellence 2010 from Web Site Awards, and was congratulated on the high standard of workmanship achieved on its website.


“We had to enter in the Business section so were up against Car, TV, Mobile phone companies etc, all with professional web designers. Only 42 have ever been awarded and we are listed 13th. No other Agricultural sites ever got an award!” states David Filmer, MD of Flockman.

This is Flockman’s 4th Award since the company began 25 years ago. The others were:

- Roche National Livestock Nutrition Award, 1996
The citation reads "To David Filmer inrecognition of his significant contribution to practical poultry feeding through the development of the computer control system Flockman. Alan Taylor presented the Award and said, "Past winners have all been academics or research workers from universities and institutes. For the first time, the winner is from the commercial world."

-  Technology Transfer Award, 1998
A total of 18 companies entered this competition. Each had to submit reasons as to why they should win the Award. The Flockman submission was as follows: Flockman is a unique computer based management control system for the poultry meat industry that is improving feed efficiency, meat quality, bird welfare and profitability.

- HGCA Enterprise Award, 2002
The Award was from the Home Grown Cereals Authority. It recognised the contribution that the company’s system makes to increase the proportion of homegrown cereals (primarily wheat) in the diet of domestic poultry. This arises because Flockman recommends the inclusion of whole (unground) cereal into the birds' diet.

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