VDL Agrotech continuously works on developing its range of products and perfect

VDL Agrotech continuously works on developing its range of products and perfect.

Pigs feeding systems:
There are several new innovations on the feeding tube system (VDL500 / VDL600) like: a new transport chain with discs, new wheels and drive units for the corners and stainless steel chain / cable Tensioners. To control this system and developed the VDL Agrotech Unifeed Unitron controllers who both have a lot of possibilities to manage your system to your preferences.

Also new is the feed distribution unit which ensures a good and even distribution of a pre-weighed portion of feed in a long trough.

Poultry feeding systems:
VDL Agrotech developed the Bridex feedpan for breeders, excluding males, which can be used in a straight line feeding system, and also in a circular tube feeding VDL600 system. Furthermore VDL Agrotech introduced feeder for the spin-breeders in the rearing and laying period, to distribute small portions of feed optimally in the free range / litter areas.

The chain feeding system is improved and redesigned and has a new name: CHAINOVATION.
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Transportation systems:
In 2009 VDL Agrotech launched the new Flex transport system. This system has a lot of application possibilities because of its modular design.

To increase the applications furthermore, an intake hopper extension, Y-piece with switch valve, automatic outlets, a silo and a module weighing table are added to the product range of this transport system. A new quality innovation of this system is the durable bend tube.

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