Danisco offers new solutions at VIV Europe

Danisco Animal Nutrition recently introduced the new, heat stable Xylanase. This prroduct has been approved by the EU Commission for use in poultry diets.

A major benefit of Danisco Xylanase is that pelleting temperatures for poultry diets can be increased to 90°C for Salmonella control, without decreasing the bio-efficacy of the product in improving feed efficiency, says the company.

Enviva EO is another product based on a blend of essential oil compounds, which is a safe alternative to antibiotic growth promoters. This product particularly enables safe handling in the feed mill and even distribution in the feed.

Niels Otto Damholt, Danisco Animal Nutrition’s Regional Director: “Our research at Danisco strives for advancing knowledge on increasing animal feed efficiency with safe and eco-friendly solutions. Enviva EO, the latest addition to our product portfolio, is designed for safety in the feed mill and throughout the food chain.”

Natalie Berkhout

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