News update:Apr 15, 2010

NL: Wash concept developed for poultry industry

Dutch companies Mafo BV and Twinpack BV are going to collaborate in the area of the development and sale of wash equipment suitable for pallets and dividers that form part of the Eggs Cargo System, which transports eggs patented by Twinpack.

Both companies have decades of experience in the poultry sector and they are now pooling this knowledge so as to develop this “washing concept” for the market.

The wash equipment that Mafo and Twinpack are going to jointly develop will be offered in modular form. This will keep the delivery time short and the price low. Additionally, this will give the user a real opportunity to put the machine together entirely to his own requirements. Quality and durability are of primary concern in this development, say the companies.

One of the modules is a robot arm that can load both the pallets and the dividers into the machine fully automatically and stack them after washing, again fully automatically. As an extra feature, the wash equipment is going to be built in such a way that they will also be capable of washing the washable parts of egg sorting machines.

Mafo BV and Twinpack BV are also participating in the VIV Europe exhibition, held 20-22 April at Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, the Netherlands.
MAFO BV stand number: Hall 7 – E 035
Twinpack BV stand number: Hall 7 – A 050

Natalie Berkhout

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