News update:Oct 20, 2011

Website to find the right conveyor belt

Ashworth's new website provides customers on-demand access to comprehensive belting information and facilitates the process of choosing the right belt for their specific requirements, says the company.

With over 900 technical documents available, Ashworth's user-friendly website provides a simple way to find the features, benefits and specifications on each conveyor belt for a wide range of processing applications. The online conveyor belt library also includes installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting procedures to empower customers with an efficient means to keep their conveyor systems running smoothly.

Other upgrades to Ashworth’s website include a more efficient site navigation bar, a search field, a larger page size to accommodate today’s standard computer displays, and areas to keep customers informed of current developments, events, and promotions.

The site has been translated into 7 different languages to support the needs of global customers. Acknowledged as having the industry’s most useful website for belting, Ashworth will continue adding features to help educate customers on belt maintenance and performance optimization, as well as, to further increase the speed and ease of selecting the right conveyor belt.

Natalie Berkhout

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