Keen interest from Tyson China in Haimen seminar

Over 150 people from Tyson Foods' production complexes in China took part in a technical seminar organised by Cobb in Haimen.

Opening statements from Alex Ivannikov, general manager of Jiangsu, and Juan Luis Ordaz, director of live operations, began the day followed by Charles Calvert, Cobb director of sales and technical services for Asia, introducing the company’s 11-strong Asia team including six technical specialists.

The programme covered breeder and broiler management, and also the principles of vaccination and broiler health.

“The day’s topics were well received by the Tyson team members as shown by the discussions and in-depth questions following each presentation,” said Calvert.

“Biosecurity was the main topic of interest as China currently faces major disease challenges, especially in the Shangdong region. With our continued technical support, we look forward to helping to add to the success of Tyson China.”

Editor WorldPoultry

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