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Fowl cholera spreading actively in Moldova and Ukraine

Fowl cholera has been actively spreading in Moldova over the last three months, representatives of the country's Ministry of Agriculture recently reported at a press conference.

According to the statistics from mid-November of last year the veterinary services of the country recorded seven outbreaks of fowl cholera, mainly in private farms. As a result, about 120 chickens and ducks have died, but according to experts, this figure should actually be several times higher, since farmers often don’t report cases of the disease outbreak.

To date, outbreaks of fowl cholera were registered in three districts of the republic - Cimislia, Hincesti and Briceni. These districts have entered a state of emergency, with veterinary services holding a complex of measures to prevent the further spread of the disease.

The official report noted that fowl cholera has not been identified in any of the major poultry complexes. In each farm where an outbreak was present, the poultry was kept in unsanitary conditions.

Meanwhile, in recent months fowl cholera spread just across the territory of Moldova into Ukraine, where according to the local media at the beginning of this year, there were two outbreaks of the disease in private households in the Odessa region, which borders with Moldova in the west. According to the reports about 40 heads of poultry already died due to the disease.

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    ken marshall

    It is not surprising that the outbreaks have been seen in unhygenic conditions as the causative agent Pasteurella multocida is a bacterium. More commonly known as FC, the wattles are often swollen. Chickens become more susceptible as they reach maturity.This disease is of historical importance because of its role in early development of bacteriology and because it was one of four diseases for which the Veterinary Division of the USDA was created to investigate.(extracts from Diseases of Poultry 9th edition)

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    Peace Corps Volunteer in Moldova

    This is actually in many more areas of Moldova than you may realize. I live in the raion of Orhei and almost all of the people in my town have had their young chickens die of unknown causes. They are just calling it an illness. I also know of many other towns within the municipality being affected by this.

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