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Poultry farmers of Customs Union to join together

The Poultry Farmers Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan are to merge in the near future to form the new organisation – the Union of Poultry Farmers of Custom Union.

During a meeting between the director of Agrarian Policy Department of CES Nadezhda Kotkovets and the general director of the Russian Poultry Union Galina Bobyleva and her deputy Yelena Ivanova, attendees discussed the integration of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space (CES) member states in the poultry industry and the creation of the Union of poultry farmers as part of the Customs Union.

Also discussed were the main activities of the Eurasian Economic Commission in forming of a comprehensive and coherent agricultural policy within the borders of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space, and the problems and prospects of development of the poultry industry on its territory.

It is thought that a single union will give further stimulus to the development of poultry farming in Belarus and Kazakhstan, and will pursue a common policy on the management of the poultry market of three countries. Starting next year, the Customs Union is also likely to enter Kyrgyzstan, whose poultry industry probably will also join the new organisation.

The Customs Union recently called on the Russian President Vladimir Putin for deeper integration. On the basis of such associations as the Union of Poultry Farmers in future a single Eurasian Union can be subsequently created.

"Eurasian Union - is the future. First we talked about the Custom Union, and now we are talking about the fact that on January, 1 next year CES will come into place which is a much more profound degree of integration," said Putin.

According to experts, single Unions of Poultry Farmers of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan could already be created in the first half of next year.

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