George’s triumphs again in Cobb US awards

For the third year running the Springdale complex of George’s Inc in Arkansas has won the award for the top Cobb500 breeder performance in the United States.

Ranked on adjusted production to 65 weeks, the complex averaged 176.43 total eggs/hen housed from some 1.24 million pullets capitalised at 25 weeks. 

“Winning the award for the third consecutive year is a tremendous accomplishment,” said            Ken Semon, director of Cobb technical service in North America.  “It’s a reflection of the hard work and dedication put forth by the entire breeder team led by live production manager Benny McClure and breeder manager Ricky Pinkerton.”

Pinkerton said their programme focuses on fundamental management.  “We make it a priority for all our technical service people to be in the field as often as possible to observe flocks eating.  Rapid and even feed distribution is an essential component to producing uniform pullet flocks that have the greatest potential for achieving maximum hen house productivity.”

Cobb US performance awards began in 2004 and each year recognise the overall best performance using Cobb500 and Cobb700 breeding stock, with awards also to the top six regional winners.  Last year completed flock data was collected from 2029 Cobb500 flocks, reflecting the performance of more than 36 million pullets.

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