Framelco zooming in on monoglycerides

The basis of monoglycerides in animal nutrition were discussed during a pre-EuroTier event by Dutch animal nutrition company Framelco.

The topic was discussed at a distributor meeting in Hanover, Germany. The company's head of R&D Anita Dame explained the essence of monoglycerides – being an organic acid which has a glycerol bound to it. The process of this binding is called esterification.

This bond leads to a range of advantages for the eventual product, she explained, like e.g. a temperature and pH-independent mode of action – which means the acid can become available for the animal deep into its gastro-intestinal tract. In addition, activity has been noted against bacteria, viruses and mould. On top of that, the monoglycerides are known to be non-corrosive and neutral in both odour and taste.

How exactly monoglycerides affect bacteria is still a topic for debate, but Dame summarised her presentation saying that the effect most likely originates via 'disruption and/or disintegration of the cell membrane of bacteria.

Dame referred to the agreement Framelco made with Sustainable Nutrition, for delivery of the monoglycerides for medium-chain fatty acids.

Another topic discussed at the meeting included nano-coated minerals.

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