Dutch excellence tour to Lagerwey and Rondeel

On Monday May 19th, the day prior to VIV, a special field excursion will take place in the Netherlands. This allows a group of by around 70 poultry specialists from all-over the world, to see some pieces of Dutch excellence.

Firstly, the group will pay a visit to the Lagerwey hatchery, located near the village of Lunteren. Lagerwey is a leading broiler hatchery in the Netherlands. The hatchery is used by customers from all over the world to witness expertise from Dutch soil. At the Lagerwey facility a dazzling 1.8 million eggs a week are hatched. They have recently started with selling PlusFour chicks, hatched from the HatchBrood system. This means that the customer can choose between regular day old chicks or whether the chicks get their first start by PlusFour.

Next, the tour will lead to the Rondeel free range layer farm near the village of Barneveld. This is a unique and modern layer farm, specially designed to meet and satisfy the natural needs of chickens. The tour participants will be able to see that the hens can sit on perches in the night quarters, enjoy sunlight and fresh air in their living quarters and bathe in the dust in a dedicated wooded area. The eggs are packed on site and sold by a major Dutch supermarket chain. The farm is open to the public.

Registrations for the tour are closed. But in a live report newsletter from VIV, you can read a report of the tour.


  • Dutch excellence tour to Lagerwey and Rondeel


  • Dutch excellence tour


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