Russia: Largest poultry farm in Sakhalin to be expanded

GUSP Ostrovnaya Sakhalin poultry farm will boost the volume of the production of poultry meat and eggs, quoted the Russian media Itar-Tass the Assistant Secretary of Agriculture, Trade and Food of the Oblast Elena Mikhaylovskaya. The farm is currently, the only industrial producer of eggs in the region.

According to the preliminary information, the farm will increase egg production by about 15% from the current 97 million units per year to 110 million units per year, and will double the production of poultry meat to 3,100 tonnes.

"The Ministry of Agriculture of the Sakhalin Oblast has created a business plan for the expansion of the production capacities. The construction will be launched in 2015-2016.

The plan is to build hatchery, 8 poultry houses with 34 thousand bird places, compound feed line and slaughterhouse," said Mikhaylovskaya.

The total cost of the project is estimated to be more than RUB 1 billion (US$26 million).

The part of investments in the expansion will be allocated by the enterprise, while another part will be taken the budget of the Sakhalin Oblast within the programme for development of agriculture of the region.

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