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WPSA congress to focus on poultry in developing countries

”The Potential for Poultry Production in Developing Countries” is the name of a congress announced by the WPSA which will be held in Antalya, Turkey between 15-18 October 2015.

This congress, organized by the Turkish Branch and Russian Branch of WPSA, will provide a platform for the exchange of new ideas and information on the main topics of poultry and for building up and strengthening professional relationships. It will be a gathering where world-renowned scientists will share their knowledge, keep us abreast of the developments in poultry and show the way for future research and practice.

The main topics of the Congress are:

  • Environment and management
  • Poultry production systems
  • Nutrition, feedstuffs and metabolism
  • Feed supplements as antimicrobials
  • Hygiene and biosecurity
  • Health and disease
  • National policies and market demands
  • Product quality, processing and safety
  • Genetics and genomics
  • Poultry production and sustainability
  • Reproduction and incubation

For further information regarding registration and full details of the programme visit "The potential for poultry production in developing countries".

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  • Ahmet Yaman

    The picture in this news is fully nonsense. Have your ever been to Turkey? Have you ever seen a slaughterhouse in Turkey? Do you know anything about the poultry legislations in Turkey? Do you know how strict they are? Where is this picture coming from? You know nothing. But, at least, you can ask this to the world wide machinery suppliers located in your country. I condemn you because putting a picture like this, in an announcement from Turkey. And this shows that how you work. And as a fanatic of Worldpoultry.net, I want you to change this picture with a real photo from Turkish poultry industry or remove my name from your accounts list.

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