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Hubbard and Novogen exchange knowledge

End of June Hubbard and Novogen gathered their worldwide teams in Nantes for a week. More than 100 technicians and sales representatives from 5 continents shared and exchanged their knowledge and experience on specific themes meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow focussing on Hubbard’s "Less Feed, More Meat" and Novogen’s “Genes for Better Eggs” campaigns.

During many workshops not only genetics, product performances and management were addressed, but also incubation, nutrition, processing, quality and animal health as well as business were well taken care of. A tour of Groupe Grimaud's headquarters and facilities was part of the global meeting, emphasising the synergy between the different companies of the group.

"All investments made in R&D, technical know-how and people are clearly paying off now as Hubbard is rapidly gaining market share around the world, including the fast growing regions like Asia," states Hubbard. And since its launch in 2008 Novogen "has quickly been recognised as a reliable global supplier of layer genetics with excellent field results of the NOVOgen Brown and NOVOgen White products on all continents."

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    Thanks for the research and good work well done, Iam a poultry farmer in Uganda -East Africa, and would like to know how to access that wonder bird the NOVOgen in order to increase the egg production on my farm thank you very much GOD bless all for the wonderfull work.

    Kaggwa - Mulumba,
    Kampala, Uganda
    East Africa.

  • Ms Smith

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