World Poultry 4: Determining pecking order

France is where this latest issue of World Poultry takes you. Here a trial is taking place on a commercial laying farm where the utmost is being done to prevent pecking behaviour without resorting to beak-trimming. A whimsical idea or an achievable task?

World Poultry editor Fabian Brockotter also visited the original headquarters of global breeding stock supplier Aviagen in Edinburgh, Scotland. Here they explain the 60 year history of the company and how they have continued to meet the demands of their customers. "We want to be in as many markets as possible, as close as we can get to our customers," explains R&D director, Magnus Swalander.

World Poultry 4: Determining pecking order
Aviagen celebrates 60 years in the industry.

The enthusiasm of Nuscience's new CEO, Johan De Schepper, is impossible to contain as he explains in an interview the steps the company is taking to ensure continued growth. The Belgian animal nutrition company has witnessed stormy conditions over recent years, but what plans does the new captain have to enable the company's success?

World Poultry 4: Determining pecking order
"There is much more improvement in efficiency to be achieved" says CEO Johan De Schepper.

Attention is also paid to the egg processing industry with an article examining the correlation between a perfect egg yolk colour and health hens. After all, it is widely-accepted that healthy birds produce healthy eggs.

World Poultry 4: Determining pecking order
A bright yolk colour can be considered as an indicator of health and performance of the flock.

Further, health-related topics feature dominantly throughout the issue including a thorough examination of the effect of mycotoxins on poultry gut health. An analysis of the 2015 European cereal harvest showed that 20% of the feedstuffs sampled present a high risk, and 18% a medium risk, to poultry.

World Poultry 4: Determining pecking order
Alltech survey shows that climatic problems impacted the production of maize in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and northern Austria.

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