Moba robot applications for egg industry at VIV

At VIV Europe 2010 Moba will introduce a complete series of robot applications for the egg industry.

Moba has for many years created equipment for handling eggs in a packed form (either in trays or consumer packs). In this program, called “Autopack”, many units such as tray- and case palletisers, case packers and display loaders were developed. Many of these units were implemented in farms and packing stations worldwide.

The price-performance ratio of spherical robots developed recently in a positive way for application in the egg market was reason for Moba to start this project, which will offer customers additional flexibility next to the existing machines, says the company. Unlike other robot integrators that aim for only a few specific solutions, Moba aims for a “toolbox” of elements from which many flexible tailor-made configurations can be created.

Moba teamed up with Motoman, a Yaskawa subsidiary and global leading supplier of industrial robots. The large variety of available robots enabled the selection of the most suitable types for the tasks in the egg industry. This in itself is a revolution, since many bad robot experiences in the industry were caused by wrongly (over-) dimensioned systems, merely because only “fast runners” from the automobile industry where affordable, says Moba.

The Moba Robotics series will include robot cells with case packing, display loading, tray- and case palletising and de-palletising abilities.

Moba will be present at VIV Europe in Hall7, booth A008. During the show, live demonstrations will be arranged in the Moba factory.

Natalie Berkhout

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