Morrisons confirm free-range for all own label eggs

UK supermarket chain Morrisons has confirmed that all of its own-label eggs are completely free-range.

In December 2009 Morrisons supermarket won the Retailer of the Year award from the British Free Range Egg Producers Association after setting itself the goal of selling no own-label cage eggs by 2010. Morrisons has now announced it has achieved that goal by becoming the first top four retailer in the UK to switch to 100% British free-range own-label shell eggs.

Jamie Winter, trading manager at Morrisons: "We sell over 10 mln eggs each week, so our move to 100% British free-range will really make a difference to the welfare of laying hens and will enable more customers to buy free range each week."

The supermarket said the switch to 100% British free-range eggs had come 9 months ahead of target. It said it would enable millions of laying hens to become free-range 2 years before the EU-wide ban on conventional battery cages came into force.

Source: FarmingUK

Natalie Berkhout

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