News update:Mar 9, 2016

Broiler price decrease affecting Tyson de Mexico

Poultry producer, Tyson, has described a difficult fiscal year end with a decline in the price of broilers in Mexico.

Speaking at a training meeting to more than 100 leading executives of Tyson de Mexico, the president and general director of the company, José Manuel Aranda, said that the company predicts a difficult fiscal year end due to the 40% decrease in broiler prices since August.

Additionally, Aranda explained that this negative price behavior was caused by an increase in chicken production over consumption.
July, August and September have been the most difficult months for the sector but he predicts that recovery will begin in November and December.

In addition, the director of Tyson de Mexico said that broiler production in the country was influenced by the outbreak of Avian Influenza in some regions. For this reason he said it was necessary to make adjustments to the levels demanded by the market, and Mexican consumption.

Despite the current poultry scenario and limited economic growth in Mexico, Tyson has positive expectations. The company will continue with the innovation of new products for the Mexican consumer and it will be alert to the dynamics present in this country. So despite the adverse scenario the company is optimistic for 2014.

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