News update:Mar 9, 2016

Ukraine invests in large turkey farm

A joint venture for the construction of a turkey farm in the Kherson region of Ukraine has been announced by the Ukrainian subsidiary of Lithuanian-based Arvi and the Ukrainian financial-industrial group, Sodruzestvo.

The head of the Ukrainian department of Arvi, Evgeny Lavrov, said that the total investment in the project is estimated at UAH79 mln (US$9.5 mln), with about 80% of the investment being borrowed funds.

The aim is to build a plant for the disposal of animal waste with the capacity of 50,000 tonnes per year, a feed mill producing 50,000 tonnes of feed per year, a plant for the production of NPK- fertilizers, a poultry farm and a slaughterhouse for further processing with the capacity of 7,000 tonnes of turkey meat and meat products per year.

"In the first stage of the project, to be implemented in 2015, we will launch the waste disposal plant and feed mill construction. In 2017 we will start construction of a turkey farm and a meat processing plant," Lavrov concluded.

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