News last update:Mar 9, 2016

Indian chicken & egg prices soar

In the last week the retail price of chicken and eggs in Kochi, the Kerala region of India, have shot up by 40-50% due to suppliers cutting production.

Following the recent bird flu occurrences in Karnataka the demand for chicken dropped leading to a stock pileup. This together with the rise in feed prices resulted in poultry producers cutting production in an effort to reduce the excess. In the last week the retail price of broiler chicken has gone from Rs80 to Rs130 per kg(€1.10 - €1.80).

Layer production has also declined as the ban on egg exports has yet to be lifted

“Though the mandatory three-month period after the bird flu attacks has elapsed, the ban is still in force. The ban may be lifted in a few days after India provides an update of the situation," said PV Senthil, secretary of Livestock and Agri Farmers Trade Association. Egg prices in Namakkal in Tamil Nadu have touched Rs 3.40 an egg (€0.5)

Prices are not expected to fall until normal production is restored.

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