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US FSIS may inspect Chinese Poultry plants

As a step towards a possible reopening of the US border to import Chinese Poultry, USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) plans to inspect Chinese poultry processing plants.

"FSIS is currently working with the Chinese government to develop a timeline to inspect poultry-processing plants in that country," a USDA spokesman confirmed to Meatingplace.

Washington prohibits Chinese poultry largely on past food safety concerns, and the inspections would serve to verify that equivalent food safety systems are in place in order to qualify product for entry into the US.

Lifting the ban on Chinese poultry could serve as leverage for Washington to negotiate with Beijing to lift its ban on imports of US beef.

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  • CT Therese

    No, we do not want Chinese poultry in our supermarkets. China has way too many unscrupulous live stock and poultry feeding practices. Unless feeding and care is monitored/tested closely, no Chinese meat of any kind should be imported by the USA. We consumers do not want their food.

  • I.CH Igor Chamera

    China are growing, first flooded the world 'clothes' now begin to meat!

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