News update:Mar 9, 2016

Venezuela increases poultry production in 2012

Venezuela has seen a 21% rise in poultry production, totalling 1.11 million tonnes, local sources are reporting.

The country’s National Poultry Federation (FENAVI) has stated that Venezuela is Latin America's fourth major producer, preceded by Brazil (12.9 million tonnes), Mexico (2.8 million tonnes) and Argentina (1.7 million tonnes).

Chicken consumption stood at an average of 41.3 kilograms per capita in 2012, and production has increased 134% in 13 years.

Egg production has also grown 82.2% during the 1998-2012 period, and consumption stood at 188 eggs per capita. Venezuela has been self sufficient in egg production since 2007, FENAVI confirmed. Last year, the country began exporting powdered egg albumin to Russia and Japan.

World Poultry

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