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Alltech symposium addresses poultry industry needs

From problems with mycotoxins and coccidiosis, to opportunities with epigenetics and antibiotic-free programmes, Alltech plans to address a plate full of topics that affect the poultry industry all the way from the hatchery to the dining room at GLIMPSE 2020: the 29th Annual Alltech International Symposium in Lexington, Ky., USA, May 19-22.

New in 2013, Alltech International Symposium delegates will have the opportunity to select breakout session tracks. These tracks, as opposed to traditional species or subject breakouts, will offer attendees a more holistic experience in which they take part in discussions ranging from algae and agriculture’s carbon footprint to nutrition and marketing.

“With daily blogs, tweets and posts demanding cage free, farm fresh and organic products, we need to listen to what consumers are saying, determine the best route to market and meet their expectations. At this year’s Symposium, we will look at opportunities to improve meat quality and the customer experience by further investigating parameters such as tenderness, drip loss, cooking loss and shelf life,” said Paulo Rigolin, chairperson for the poultry antibiotic-free track at Symposium. “It is more critical than ever to shift from the mindset of “just being in the poultry business” to recognising our role in a food industry that must feed an additional billion people by 2020.”

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