News update:Mar 9, 2016

Broiler production conference well attended at VIV Asia

Over 200 people registered themselves for the conference ‘Key to successful broiler production’ organized by VIV and Jansen Poultry Equipment during VIV Asia.

At the conference important factors for successful broiler production were discussed such as Improving meat quality, how to avoid problems like breast blisters and feet pad problems; Uniform growth by keen distribution of food, water and air; Harvesting of broilers without damages and Do’s and Do-not’s in modern broiler housing.

During VIV Asia 2013 Jansen Poultry Equipment showcased a brand-new fast and animal-friendly approach for the harvesting of broilers: the EasyLoader harvesting system. This system secures labour saving and a fast and safe transport of up to 12,000 birds per hour from the BroMaxx colony system to the processing plant containers. It runs automatically, with a minimum of manual handling avoiding damages to the birds. The system has a direct positive effect on animal welfare and health, as well as the meat quality and it saves a lot of labour costs.

Good housing and loading conditions result in healthier birds, higher liveability, more flocks and improved meat quality and therefore a successful broiler production.

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