News update:Mar 9, 2016

Meyn brings whole leg precutter to Thailand

Having already introduced its new whole leg precutter to the US market at IPPE in Atlanta, Meyn is now showing the innovation at VIV Asia 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand.

The precutter is an automatic machine that is part of the cut up line. This machine makes an incision over the full length of the leg, which is a requirement for proper processing in the whole leg deboner.

The precutter fully matches the line capacity of the Meyn Physic HS and can feed up to four WLD whole leg deboning machines. It replaces two to three operators per deboner, depending on the required capacity.

Whole leg deboner
A new and improved version of the whole leg deboner is also becoming available, the WLD whole leg deboner M2.0. An update on the processing units ensures a higher yield while the machine’s overall capacity has been raised by 20% to 3,600 legs per hour. A new frame and panel construction integrates the operator safety features. The new design is focused on hygiene, keeping the interior and machine surroundings clean during production. An integrated CIP system is available as an option.

With this innovation and upgrade, the company states it provides a complete leg deboning solution that will boost the back half revenues in any market.

Meyn can be found in Hall H103, booth E032.

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