News update:Mar 9, 2016

Ukraine lifts ban on Estonian/Bulgarian poultry imports

The State Veterinary and Biosecurity Service of Ukraine has lifted a ban on poultry imports from Estonia and Bulgaria which were introduced because of cases of Newcastle disease.

The restrictive measures have been removed following an announcement from the International Epizootic Bureau (OIE) that the countries have been declared free of Newcastle disease.

Ukraine introduced a ban on poultry imports from Estonia in August 2007 and from Bulgaria in December 2008. According to estimations of the local agricultural expert Julia Koroluk this countries exported together about 20,000 tonnes of poultry until the ban, but now the export opportunities have significantly changed following the development of the production capacities domestically.

Now the internal Ukraine market is almost self-sufficient and the country is actively developing export opportunities, so the possibilities for poultry imports from Estonia and Bulgaria is very poor, said Koroluk.

Vladislav Vorotmikov

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