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All eyes are on Turkey for poultry growth

Turkey is the fourth largest exporter in the world of poultry meat. And all eyes are on Turkey when it comes to future growth. That was the message of Professor Ceylan, president of the second international poultry meat congress currently underway in Antalya.

A venue were scientists, producers, governmental officials and other key players of the international poultry meat trade exchange the latest information and knowledge. “Our industry is growing fast, it is of the utmost importance we all keep up with the pace”, Professor Ceylan stated.

Turkey is in a state of acceleration when it comes to poultry meat production, but there is a lot to learn. Growth in itself is not the problem, the five biggest integrations are willing and able to invest in expansion, but managing the growth poses challenges.

In numbers it is forecast that the Turkish production will grow from 1.348 million tons now to 2 million tons in ten years’ time, making it one of the most important producers in the world. But can Turkey live up to this responsibility? , “Yes we can”, says Ömer Görener, owner of the largest integration Banvit. “We have to keep in mind that problems in the industry are the problem of us all. We have to stay on top of things, in my company, but also in the other companies in Turkey. We all have to live the thoughts which are in control schemes and auditing plans and pay maximum attention to the smallest of details.”

Görener’s colleague and president of the Beypilic integration, Sait Koca agreed on that: “We are in the luxury position that we have our biggest growth in recent years. All our facilities are modern and have good quality and safety control measures integrated in them. That said, our export relies on only a hand full of receiving countries. Any issue with one of them can cause problems. That is why we are in the process of broadening our view and developing new markets. I can assure you, all Turkish companies have the same goal and speak with one mouth”.

According to Koca, Turkey has just signed a food-trade agreement with China and is in the process of opening new markets in the Middle East. “We will develop our home market, but abroad is where the real opportunities lie.”

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