News update:Mar 9, 2016

Miratorg plans major expansion of poultry business

According to operational results in the first quarter of 2013, Russian pork and feed producer Miratorg announced that it is currently implementing a number of project in the area of poultry growing that will allow it to significantly boost the production of poultry meat.

In particular, the poultry project, Miratorg is currently building seven broiler farms as well as a modern meat processing plant, hatchery and feed mill with grain storage in the Vygonichi district of the Bryansk region in the Central part of Russia.

In Trubchevsk district of the Bryansk region 12 poultry sites are now being built. Two rearing sites are already stocked with poultry. The total poultry population of the company at the moment amounts to 150,000.

The company plans to purchase 450,000 heads of poultry for this project from the various sources and the next shipment planned to the 12 poultry sites is for the end of May and before the end of 2013 there are six similar shipments planned. This will bring the planned poultry stock volume from 150,000 heads to 600,000 by the end of this year.

In 2013, 10 out of 12 planned sites for growing and managing breeders should be commissioned, together with the establishment of the first three poultry farms for growing broilers.

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