News update:Mar 9, 2016

Belarus: Large turkey farm to be constructed

Group Arvi (Lithuania) has recently announced plans to create a production facility for turkey meat in the Lida district of Grodnenskay Oblast of Belarus by 2015.

The head of the projects department, Raimundas Lopata noted that the work on the projects has already begun and is moving rapidly. The investor is well understood by the local authorities, who agreed to support the project.

The cost of the project on the industrial production of turkey meat is around US$20 million. It provides the creation of the integrated complex for growing the birds (with a production capacity of about 420 thousand units per year), the enterprise for the production of compound feeds (about 40,000 tonnes per year), slaughter house (with the capacity of 6,000 tonnes of live weight), as well as the enterprise for the production of finished products, semi-finished products from turkey meat (with the capacity of at least 5,000 tonnes per year).

The company also reports that the new complex will be constructed in a similar fashion as the already existing complex in Lithuania.

Also the company will invest in the reconstruction of the local veterinary utilisation plant. The works on this project should also be completed by 2015.

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